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Monday, April 11, 2005

Bayh Polling Well

"Two out of three Hoosiers believe Hoosier Sen. Evan Bayh has the personal qualities needed to be a good president. And without knowing who the other candidates might be, about half said they are likely to vote for Bayh if he is the Democratic Party's presidential candidate in 2008, according to a new Indianapolis Star/WTHR (Channel 13) poll. Bayh has said it's too early to talk about whether he will run for president. But he has hired aides, made fundraising changes and taken other steps viewed as laying the groundwork for a possible bid.
Bayh also has gotten favorable attention from political pundits as a possible contender, largely because of his ability to do well in a Republican state like Indiana."

This really is a good starting point for Bayh. He polls well among his own constituents as well as s erving a a benchmark for how he is doing later on. He is a well spoken, intelligent individual, who is liked by folks on both sides. With the experience as both a very successful Governor and Senator on his resume he has qualifications few candidates can offer.