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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Is Pataki Eyeing 2008?

Read on what is being reporting this past week about New York Governor George Pataki:

Governor George Pataki insists he’s not thinking about the 2008 presidential race, but his denials seemed a little hard to believe with the sudden reappearance by his side this week of Zenia Mucha, the tough-talking political operative who left Albany in 2001 to become the top flack for Disney’s Michael Eisner. As a longtime aide to Senator Al D’Amato known for colorful rows with the press, Mucha was dispatched to shore up Pataki’s faltering 1994 campaign against Mario Cuomo and was widely credited with engineering his surprise victory.

Her ability to keep Pataki—and everyone else—on message is thought to have helped spur his rise from unknown Peekskill state senator to governor and onto George W. Bush’s short list for vice-president in 2000. (Dick Cheney, head of the selection committee, selected himself instead.) When Eisner lured Mucha to the Mouse with an extravagant salary, many of her associates nevertheless were certain she’d return to politics; her reemergence is viewed as a sign the governor is getting serious about 2008.

Tight-lipped as ever, Mucha insists she’s merely taking a week off from her day job to “help out.” But friends say she’s planning a return to New York as head of Pataki’s national campaign.

It is very difficult for Patakli to win re-election as Governor in NY. He would be running for a third term with sinking poll numbers. Any candidate wouldbe hard pressed to return to the Governor's manions after 12 long years. If Pataki runs for Governor again and loses, his Presidential aspirations will be damaged, but if he steps aside and bows out in 2006, he leaves as a retired, not defeated incumbent.

He is a moderate and a northerner which may hurt his chances in 2008, but make no mistake this guy wants to run and likely sees 2008 as his best chance. He is in.....I dont think he had a chance, but nevertheless he is gooing to run.